About the Data We Use

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Last Updated:  June 28, 2019

Calculating Benchmarks for Your Donations

Giving Planner includes benchmarking data to help guide each user toward an optimal giving strategy. The information you provide — age, zip code and income level — is compared against public data provided by the IRS (using the most recent data available) and displayed in an easy-to-read gauge chart.

To create these comparisons, Giving Planner uses the following IRS data:

  • State/county population data
  • County median income
  • County median property growth
  • State median income and property growth
  • National median income and property growth

In the future, IRS data will be combined with aggregated data from existing Giving Planner users to create benchmarks to ensure your personal privacy. Read our full privacy policy.

Calculating Cash, Volunteer and In-Kind Plans

To create your cash plan, we use IRS data and a proprietary algorithm that relies on donation amounts, adjusted gross income, income level by zip code, national median income, and geographic information.

To create your volunteer plan, we use IRS data and a proprietary algorithm that relies on average state volunteer hours, adjusted gross income, and other factors.

To create your in-kind plan, we use IRS data and a proprietary algorithm that relies on median income, age, and other factors.

Choosing a Nonprofit Organization

Giving Planner allows you to search nonprofit organization names to add to your giving plan. The name, address, and EIN number are sourced from Charity Navigator.

We’re committed to improving this tool to help you give with more impact. Please share your feedback at support@givingcompass.org. Thanks for using Giving Planner!

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